I'm Not Dead Yet!

Mary Maycock's War on Cancer

Meditation and Mindfulness

I use mindfulness to help me deal with the overwhelming stress and anxiety that I feel sometimes when living with Cancer.

Power of Mind

Visualisation is a more mentally active type of meditation where I imagine my disease, and concentrate on shrinking and distroying it.

The Stones

When I was first diagnosed I was able to see the tumours clearly on my scans. The radiologist was able to estimate their sizes, and I took a mental snaphot of the tumours in order to bring my fight mentally to them. My own mother had died from breast cancer a few years ago and I had just inherited her stone collection (she enjoyed collecting stones from places she’d visited and had her own stone polishing device which tumbled them to make them smooth and delightful to touch).

I was desperate to visualize my tumours in order to give myself the best chance of fighting them with my mental battle. One evening I discovered that the stones would make good representations of them. I could choose from all the sizes and I felt my mother’s presence when I chose each stone to represent each single tumour, and the handful of smaller ones to represent what looked like a plate of peas in my right upper lung.

Here are pictures of the stones as the treatment progressed. It was an exercise to help me picture the tumours clearly.

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Disclaimer: THIS WEBSITE DOES NOT GIVE ADVICE. It is intended solely to provide information to those who are interested in what I am doing. I do not use this diet instead of medical treatment, but rather to compliment it. Any changes in diet and lifestyle should be made with the help and advice of dieticians and doctors, ensuring that everything a body needs is included, and that none of the ingredients could have an adverse effect on present medications and treatments.