I'm Not Dead Yet!

Mary Maycock's War on Cancer

I have found it's really important to do at least 20 minutes of exercise every day. Walking, cycling, running, dancing! I believe this has many benefits, it boosts my immune system, and it definitely makes me feel better.

Even if I don't feel like exercise, I am always glad afterwards that I did it.

Some days I find walking difficult, so I try alternatives: swimming, yoga, or riding my bike. When it's raining, I run up and down the stairs!


The general benefits of exercise are of course well known, and exercise improves mood, which is especially important when facing a battle with illness.

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Disclaimer: THIS WEBSITE DOES NOT GIVE ADVICE. It is intended solely to provide information to those who are interested in what I am doing. I do not use this diet instead of medical treatment, but rather to compliment it. Any changes in diet and lifestyle should be made with the help and advice of dieticians and doctors, ensuring that everything a body needs is included, and that none of the ingredients could have an adverse effect on present medications and treatments.